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Meet the Team

Daniel Kobrinski, Co-Director

Daniel Kobrinski was born in Israel but grew up in the United States, and moved back to Israel several ago. Daniel is a lawyer by profession, and has a passion and background for Art law and Cultural Heritage. He previously worked in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Daniel also has experience working/volunteering with non-profits connected to cultural heritage and Israeli-Palestinian peace building. He is passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures, and is a big believer in the power of culture, travel and art to serve as a bridge between people.  He currently lives in Kibbutz Gesher in the north of Israel and spends a lot of time in Jerusalem.



​Aaron Press Taylor

Aaron recently returned to the United States after nearly five years living and working in Israel and Palestine. He is from Spokane, WA and Teaneck, NJ and has worked in variety of sectors including tourism, affordable housing and urban development.



Tiyul-Rihla is grateful to many previous staff, board members, volunteers and interns who have supported the project:

Younes, Ahmed, Joelle, Nofar, Nir, Rawan, Dara, Nibal, Itzik, Mutasem, Bruce, Shaina, Tatyana, Saleem, Charly, Monjed, and many others. 


Trip - טִיּוּל- رِحْلَة       

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