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Tiyul-Rihla currently runs four trips per year. Join our mailing list to receive updates and announcements on our progress and activities.

Join our FaceBook group to follow discussions by former participants on our trips. Feel welcome to share your own experience with Tiyul-Rihla.


We are always open to receive more volunteers. Let us know if you want to work on any aspect of Tiyul-Rihla or assist us in any other way.

Volunteers may wish to:

  • improve our website

  • translate Heb-Arb-Eng

  • reach out to new participants

  • interview former participants

  • conduct external reports

  • write articles/blog about us

  • create videos/photo gallery

  • find and apply for grants

  • help our crowdfunding efforts

  • learn history to suggest trips

  • represent TR at a conference

Trip - טִיּוּל- رِحْلَة       

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