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-“One of the strong points of the program is that it reaches beyond your regular 'peacenik' who likes to go to dialogue groups. You are not preaching to the choir, you are reaching people who may be skeptical, etc but who are open and want to learn more about the other in a meaningful and substantive way” (Israeli participant 2013).

“we’re here to talk. Drop the things which divide us. We’re all united in that we feel a connection to the area. You feel at home in Jaffa and Bethlehem and I also don’t see myself as a tourist or an invader here. Nor are you such. Either I throw you out or I find a way to live with you… He defines my people as a religious group and that’s traumatic for me to hear because he makes the definitions for me. My religion and nationality are one and the same. I don’t have to agree with how you define yourself but I must accept the fact that you hold your own definitions for yourself. Otherwise it creates conflict, and after 60 years it’s time to change our attitudes. We’re all real ppl. ‘Palestinians’ are not concepts, but real human beings” (Israeli Participant 2013).

Participant Testimonials 

​“There is lack of respect between the narratives. We should acknowledge and respect the narrative of the other. You made me realize the Palestinians view is wrong and that Jewishness is also a nationality. Mutual respect means success in the future” (Palestinian participant 2013).

“My goal here is to meet the other side; to confront my prejudice and learn about them” (Israeli participant 2013).

-“At the end of the trip you are just full with thoughts about religion, history and people. But you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge and you usually hate what you don’t know or understand. It’s so important to go to the other and ask him about his history and his religion as opposed to just judging or learning from people who actually know nothing. Even though nothing really has changed, now that I understand the conflict better at least my thoughts and ideas have improved” (Palestinian participant 2012).


-“I Have No Words To Describe The Two days We Had spent With You Guys, It Was One Of The Best days Of My Life And Maybe For Other People Within Our Group Meant a lot Specially They Have Never Been In Jerusalem And It Was There First time To Meet Israelis Other Than IDF And Settlers…thank You Also For Showing Us A bit Of Your History, And Taking Us To Yadvashaim [sic]” (Palestinian participant 2011).


Trip - טִיּוּל- رِحْلَة       

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