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Key Partners

We appreciate generous funding support from:


Newton & Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust

California, USA

Core grants since 2015 support program and promote organizational growth.

Oreg Foundation

Boulder, CO, USA

General operating support since 2016.

New Israel Fund


Sponsored the inaugural Tiyul-Rihla "Guide on the Other Side" Seminar.

Hundreds of individual donors and friends from Palestine and Israel, Europe, North American, Australia and beyond, continue to make Tiyul-Rihla activities possible. Many thanks to all!

Our leading program partners include:

Kids4Peace, Jerusalem

Tiyul-Rihla developed and implemented the "Jerusalem 360" tour with members of Kids4Peace in September 2016, and also led a tour with their "Dialogue in Action" cohort.


Trip - טִיּוּל- رِحْلَة       

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