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Center For Emerging Futures


Tiyul-Rihla is a project under the auspices of the NGO Center For Emerging Futures (CEF)


What CEF Is

The Center for Emerging Futures (CEF) was formed to gather resources that are directed toward addressing some of the most difficult situations that humans face.

By focusing on fewer, rather than more issues, CEF hopes to have a real impact on people’s lives.

CEF grew out of the dream of its founder, Whit Jones, who had been involved in other not-for-profit efforts including the Idaho Community Foundation and the Whittenberger Foundation. Whit wanted to see if a small organization that proactively sought out targeted issues could have some meaningful impact.

Courtesy of Dialogue on Idaho Public Television

What CEF Does

CEF has identified two issues they wish to focus their efforts on at this time – the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis and abuse and substance use issues for women and children, both in Idaho and in the Middle East. CEF holds regular activities in Israel and Palestine as part of its Middle East Program. CEF also supports projects at some Idaho-based programs for women and children through the Eric Jones Fund. CEF hopes to identify new focus areas once the first two are better established.

Tiyul-Rihla was first conceived at a Global Village Square workshop, sponsored by the NGO Center for Emerging Futures. At these meetings, Israelis, Palestinians and internationals are invited to join or initiate joint grassroots projects. In June 2011, the founders of Tiyul-Rihla met for the first time as participants of GVS. During the course the workshop, some of us noticed very basic misunderstandings surrounding issues of local history, culture and identity. We thus set out to design a program that would help clarify these basic misconceptions and improve our ongoing dialogue.


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